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How to Use Adobe Acrobat Reader ?

The majorly prevalent method to open and view the documents over the Internet is by using the Portable Document Format (PDF) format that has been prepared by the Adobe Systems. This kind of file compresses data into minor sizes that are stress-free to send through the mail and to view on websites. Everything that a person requires for opening a PDF is the software named Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the official website of Adobe. The users who desire to make and modify PDF files should possess this Adobe Acrobat software. Today, in this article, we are going to provide you a tutorial on how you can go about using the Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit and create PDFs.

Open Adobe Acrobat Reader following set up and installation

  • In case you are functioning using a fresher Adobe Acrobat version, you might be able to see a Welcome Window that provides 2 primary choices: opening a fresh file or making a PDF.
  • In case you don’t get that Welcome Window, you may go ahead by selecting the “Create” choice below the “File” menu given in the toolbar.

Make a PDF by selecting that choice

  • A dialogue box comes up that permits you to select the file that you would like to change to a PDF document.
  • A drop-down window displays several formats for files that might be transformed to PDFs.

Produce a PDF Collection, a method to stock files, while you select “Create PDF Portfolio.”

  • Choose from the provided 5 layout choices or ingress a routine layout for the portfolio.
  • Select the “Add Files” option to start toting documents to the collection.
  • Make changes to the collection as required.
  • Save the PDF document.

Merge distinct PDF documents into a solo file by selecting the “Combine Files into PDF” option.

  • While a dialogue box comes up, select the “Add Files” option.
  • Subsequent to choosing the files, select the “Combine Files” option.
  • The fresh PDF file is opened having bookmarks for every original document.

Generate a PDF form while you choose the “Create PDF Form” option.

  • A dialogue box is displayed that permits you to select the source, which might be an opened file, selecting a file or scanning the form.
  • Select your option and click “Next.”
  • The Adobe Acrobat Reader is going to transform the form into a PDF document and then direct you to the form modifying section.
  • Make the desired modifications to the form as you require prior to saving your fresh PDF form.

Modify the PDFs by viewing the document you require editing.

In case you are making use of Acrobat X, select the Tools panel provided on the right end of the toolbar. For preceding versions, select the “Tools” menu or go to “Advanced” choice on the primary toolbar.

Select the page modifying choices as per your need: delete, rotate, replace, extract, split or crop any page given in a file.

  • You might moreover insert the pages or modify the design of the page in the page editing option.

Alter the content by modifying PDFs from Tools.

  • Data-modifying choice permits you to put in a bookmark or merge files, modify objects and text and modify communicating objects available in the PDF document.
  • Select the text and right click to create formatting alterations to the text.

Work together with others by means of the following choices:

  • Interactive reviews permit a user to arrange and invite analyses. Reviewers might be able to comment on one another’s reviews.
  • Utilize the Acrobat Connect/Collaborate Live, which is add-on software to select the “Start Meeting” button and enjoy an instantaneous web conference with near about 15 different people.

Increase the multimedia choices to PDF documents. Movies, Sound, and multimedia presentations might as well be rooted or combined inside the PDFs.

  • Select the “Tools” menu from the toolbar or the tools panel from older versions.
  • Below the “Advanced Editing/Add or Edit Interactive Object>Multimedia,” you are going to discover choices for Movies and Sound.
  • Create a rectangle inside the PDF document to exhibit while you require a precise multimedia device to function.
  • Locate the movie or sound document you require using.
  • Make definite “Embed Content in Document” is checkered.
  • Select the “OK” option.

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